Piranha Bar

  • Custom front-end development & consultancy
  • HTML5 video
  • Interactive transitions
  • Responsive, animated multi-level navigation

Sevenval GmbH

  • Web consultancy
  • Custom content design and development


  • Custom web development & consultancy
  • Front and backend development
  • REST API integration


  • Custom backend development
  • Drupal to Wordpress migration
  • Information architecture development

Berlin Wall Map

  • Custom web development
  • Mobile friendly map
  • Touch interaction
  • Lightbox

Irish Mortgage Brokers

  • Web development & consultancy
  • Custom backend and database web development

Dublin Ships

  • REST API integration
  • Custom backend development


  • Custom web development, front and backend
  • Joomla to Drupal migration
  • Mobile-friendly optimisation

Older projects

Some older, but notable projects that I've worked on are listed below


  • Mobile-friendly website builder


  • Device detection repository

W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Checker

  • Mobile web page testing and validation


  • Mobile-friendliness testing tool